Thank you for considering to adopt from HIARC.

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Available pets for adoption

What are the steps of adopting?
First, you fill up an application for one or more animal(s) you wish to adopt. If you are accepted, we then setup an appointment with you to visit the location at which the animal will be living. If we like what we see, the adoption takes place by paying the adoption fee and signing the adoption document which makes you the legal guardian of the animal(s). Being the legal guardian does not give you the right to mistreat, abuse, used for fights, selling, giving it away, leaving it homeless or any other non humanitarian actions. If you no longer want the animal for any reasons, it must be returned to HIARC where his new faith will be decided. We do not tolerate abuse and we will legally prosecute to the maximum extent of the law those who do. Remember, we do this for the well being of the animals and we assume you adopting will carry the same rule.

Are you ready to adopt?
If you are ready to adopt, please fill out this application and we’ll get right back to you.